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Paper doll Claudia

Hello! My name is Claudia. I am 9 years old. I am at Grade 3 now. I am funny and communicative. I like singing and dancing, I play piano. My favourite animals are horses and dogs. When I grow up, I want to be a famous singer or actress. My best friends are Amelia, Ella and William. - Claudia

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Paper doll Emily

My name is Emily. I am 4 years old. I can write my name. My dog's name is Lusie. My mum Sophia has new shoes and dress. We will go to Spain in autumn. My favourite toys are paper dolls. My sister Charlotte likes watching magazines. When I grow up, I will help all people. - Emily

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Paper doll Charlotte

My name is Charlotte. I am 15 years old. As you know, my parents are Thomas and Sophia, my brother is Jack and my little sister is Emily. I do not like to talk about myself a lot. I can tell that I would like to become a model and twice a week I attend model school. I think that says everything. My favourite singer is Katy Perry. My favourite colour is light green. When I grow up, I will live in New York. - Charlotte

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What are paper dolls and how to play with them?

The paper dolls we know nowadays originated in the 18 th century in the French Court, where plays with paper dolls became popular entertainment for the bored aristocrats. In the end of the 19 th century and in the beginning of the 20 th century, paper dolls became popular also in America and gradually they spread all over world giving joy to millions of children all over the globe. Nowadays, there are still many people who are collecting the ancient American girl paper dolls.

Why are these paper dolls special?

The simplicity, which gives a free rein to childs flight of fantasy. Paper dolls bring together all generations and inspires family to spend time together, as the parents and grandparents recall this pastime and toy from their childhood, willingly becoming involved in the creative process along with children. The time that a family spends together is the most important present-day value.

A great alternative to computer games! Paper dolls can become a substitute for immersion in computer games, as it is an opportunity for a child to create ones own, unique, but at the same time, real toy.

Environmentally friendly toy! Paper is an environmentally friendly material, and if it is time for the toy to retire, it can be recycled, thus preserving natural resources.