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Our story about paper dolls began in 1992, when Claudia's grandmother drew paper dolls to her daughter. Those were the times when beautiful dolls could be seen only in TV and the doll Barbie was special and not available to everyone. At that time Claudia's grandmother worked at Riga Fashion House where she was involved in the process of creating fashionable clothing that was sold in all Soviet Union.

Of course, daughter loved her dolls as they were bright and interesting playmates. However, the time passed and she had more and more new games and activities and the dolls were left in the drawer. During these years life has changed rapidly.

What happened next? Claudia's grandmother had kept the dolls. As if she knew that one day she will have a granddaughter Claudia, who would open the drawer accidentally and fill the dolls with absolutely new energy. She really did it.

Claudia's Paper Dolls offer hand-drawn, digitally re-mastered paper dolls.

They are unique works of paper art, natural toys, eco-friendly paper toys, cut-out art, creative fashion and tradition, a heritage, which a grandmother for many years had been storing for her granddaughter Claudia. At present, the dolls have been re-created in digital format and advanced. However, they still retain the warmth of heart and lovingness, as well as vintage charm along with a modern edge and trendiness enclosed in each drawing.

Work with paper dolls promotes creativity in children, develops a sense of taste, fine motor skills and finger musculature, inspires to create their own toys from simple materials. Paper dolls are simultaneously an ecological and educational toy.

Paper dolls are simple, but capable to open new talents while immersed in paper craft,. It is a hobby that brings together the family – mother, as well as grandmother, remembering this toy from their childhood, enjoy this pastime together with the child. Attention of parents is the most often missed commodity of today's children.

Recall your inner child, still living deep inside of you! The joy of resurrected childhood memories will bring you warmth for a long, long time.

Claudia's Paper Dolls are a great gift to a girl, a daughter, friend, mother and grandma, and even boys, – you can give them for Christmas, birthdays, use for inventive activities in hen and stag parties. Offer the bride and groom to design a trendy outfit for the loved one and dress them up, – it will bring enormous amounts of fun and laughter!

Each doll have its own image, which a child can read about it the doll's story.

Every set has 2 dolls, one of which is colorful itself and has colorful outfits, but the other can be colored and its clothes designed by its new owner.

We sincerely hope that Claudia's paper dolls will give as much joy to other children and families as they did to us!

Let's play together!