Instructions for use

Each set includes:

  1. Greeting of the doll;
  2. Two dolls, one of which is coloured, the other can be coloured according to own taste;
  3. Set of clothing that includes two pieces of each model.

What to do?

At first you will need colour pencils (it would be better to use soft colour pencils) to colour the doll and its clothing. Choose colours carefully and start colouring the doll.

When it is done start cutting the doll out. Use paper scissors. The doll is made of hard paper, therefore its cutting will require accuracy. If necessary, you can cut out the doll, then glue to cardboard, draw a line around it and cut it out again. That way you will get a harder base that will serve you better.

When the doll is cut out, you can proceed with its clothing.

As there is a pair of each doll and each piece of clothing in the set, you can colour those in different colours. With one set you can get two different dolls with which you can play and create funny stories. For example, those could be twin sisters or friends who look very similar. The same with the boys.

When the clothing is ready, you have to cut them out. Use paper scissors. Cut accurately and try to cut on the line of the clothing.

  •     Each piece of clothing has straps; those have to be folded to fix the clothing on the doll. Do not cut these straps off when cutting out the clothing!

When everything is done, the dolls and clothing is coloured and cut out, you can start trying on the clothing.
If you wish, you can make the clothing on your own. Take a piece of paper, pencil and start drawing. This is how designers and artists work all over the world - they make sketches. When a sketch is ready, draw line round it, colour and cut it out.

You can increase your collection as much as you want and, of course, you can purchase other clothing made by Claudia.

We are planning that every doll will be presented new clothing for their celebrations - name day or birthday, as well as at Christmas and Midsummer's Eve. The collections will be continuously increased!

Let's play together!